GSMA - Mobile World Congress 2016, Barcelona

Mobile technology has always been a point of attraction amongst the humans. There are numerous advancements undergone under this category but not at any single specific sector of the globe. So its really tough to gather them all. But what if all the latest and newest of all come together to offer you a worldwide showcase.

Yes, here is GSMA Mobile World Congress, a platform to offer world's largest exhibition involving the worldwide mobile industry and along with prominent executives representing device manufacturers, mobile operators, vendors and content owners technology providers from all over the world. Starting its long journey from 1987, the exhibition take a leap after and turned into a world level platform for all mobile manufacturers to make a business with each other.

MWC 2016

Now, drawing some light on the 2016 Mobile World Congress, it is going to be held in Barcelona from 22 to 25 Feb. 2016. We, at SAGMart have taken the pledge to update you all with each and every happenings from the event.

So, Be Curious and Stay Updated.

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