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Before the high mileage bikes with low power took over, Scooter was the official family ride of the Indian Middle Class. From that famous Doordarshan ad of the early 90’s to the viral youtube dhinchak song of a not so good singer, Scooter has had a tremendous makeover over the years. Scooter is the simplest two-wheelers, one can operate. The low displacement high fuel efficient engine coupled with the platform for the rider's feet makes it a common man’s favorite ‘Humsafar’.

New Scooters in India 2019 are at par with their motorbike counterparts both in looks and performance. From Italian design to electric driven, new scooters in 2019 are competing in different market segments. For those travelers who want to look trendy while enjoying a bumpy ride in a city, a new scooter is worth all the money for a safe and simple experience.

List of All Scooter Manufacturer Companies in India