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Rs. 58.13 k - 62.51 k
Rs. 42.52 k - 43.02 k
Rs. 51.46 k
Rs. 12.05 Lakh
Rs. 70.29 k - 71.92 k
Rs. 53.45 k - 55.90 k
Rs. 85.41 k
Rs. 1.57 Lakh
Rs. 46.68 k - 53.32 k
Rs. 49.90 k - 50.90 k
Rs. 47.25 k - 48.90 k

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Scooter is the type of motorcycle having platform for the foot of its operator. They are the simplest two wheelers, one can operate. Having good mileage and better driving flexibility makes them different from other motorbikes. They are equipped with low displacement engine than other commercial motorcycles, due to which they have less power but lower fuel consumption which makes them quite economic vehicle. If you want to look trendy while enjoying the road travel in the city, you should go for buying the scooters.

List of All Scooter Manufacturer Companies in India


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