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As we know, carrying a laptop means immediate availability of applications and documents at any time and at any place. These handhelds are basically Personal Computers which are very easy to carry and consumes less power than a typical home Desktop. Their wide variety of use, integrated with their small size makes them superior than a general computer. The capability of doing all tasks with ease along with a portable design are the great factors in gaining more market share even from desktops. Many famous companies such as Samsung, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, etc. are the major producers of laptops.

Despite of the existence of these lucrative and powerful tool, why should we go for a desktop? Though, consumers are becoming keen towards smaller, lighter and more portable computing, but these bigger PCs also have some excellent benefit, which offer better price-to-performance ratio. To buy a laptop, customers will have to pay a big amount, whereas their larger siblings are capable to provide a computing experience along with more ergonomics advantage in less lesser prices. So, you can purchase a desktop computer, if you're willing to give up portability.

If you are planning to buy a Laptop or a Desktop & want to know all the information about them such as their Price, Reviews, Specifications along with their peripherals, then you are at the right place. SAGMart not only provide you all these details, but also give you a thorough comparison between them, so that you can choose a perfect product according to your will. We also have another search feature in our portal known as 'Search Filter', so that you can filter the results as per your need.