Mahindra Scorpio Intelli-Hybrid Launched at INR 12.84 Lakh

It was just a day ago report when we wrote that Mahindra will introduce the Scorpio with an intelli hybrid technology soon. And it happened today, the largest Indian SUV maker has launched its much anticipated Sports Utility Vehicle, Scorpio with a new “Intelli-Hybrid” System for the top S10 2WD variant at a price of INR 12.84 Lakh (Ex-Showroom, Navi Mumbai). In addition to the Micro-Hybrid system, from now the Scorpio will be available with this new mild hybrid technology.

The new intelli hybrid technology is quite similar to Maruti Suzuki’s SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) technology as it electrically assists the vehicle while accelerating and regenerate the brake-energy, besides the fuel saving technology. The company claims a bump in fuel efficiency by seven percent with this technology.

Let’s start with the Micro Hybrid System, it is basically an auto-start and stop technology. It saves the fuel by turning OFF the engine when it is not required. More specifically, this system automatically turns OFF the engine after 10 seconds when the vehicle has come to halt in neutral gear. Pressing the clutch will start the engine again. Thus the system helps in attaining better fuel economy by not burning the fuel unnecessarily.

Scorpio Intelli Hybrid

The Intelli Hybrid technology will now provide an electric assist while driving, apart from the engine start and stop. This system comes with brake energy recuperation, a higher capacity battery and an integrated starter motor. The start motor acts both as an alternator which charges the battery and as a motor which will give an electric boost to the engine during certain driving conditions. However, the system will not be capable of fully electric running as it is not a full hybrid system.

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