Production of Maruti Suzuki Swift At New 2nd Gujarat Plant Started

The Gujarat Plant No-2 has been constructed and in the starting days of January 2019, it started to manufacture the Maruti Suzuki Swift hatchback.

Gujarat’s Plant No-1 manufactures the hatchbacks like- the Baleno and Swift and the Plant No-2 manufactures just the Swift. The yearly production of both the plants is 2,50,000  units due to which the total capacity of Gujarat increases to 5,00,000 units. The production capability of Maruti Suzuki is of 15 lakh units which will make Suzuki’s production capacity of cars in India to 20 lakh units.

In 2018, the total automobile sale of the company was 20 lakh units i.e. 109 percent of growth year-on-year and the production was set at 18.7 lakh million units i.e. 108 percent of growth year-on-year. Both the Plant No. 2 and the Powertrain Plant has started manufacturing and the Plant No. 3 is set to start manufacturing in 2020.

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Key points of Maruti Suzuki

  • Maruti Suzuki is the Japanese brand and the Suzuki Motor Corporation manufactures the vehicles in India.
  • Suzuki Motor Gujarat (SMG) is completely the subdivision of Suzuki Motor Corporation.
  • SMG subdivision was set up in March 2014.
  • The main aim of the set up was to grow the production ability of the automobile in Indian market as well as to grow the exports from India.
  • Manufacturing of Plant No. 1 began in February 2017
  • During the manufacturing of Plant No. 1, the Powertrain Plants and Plant No. 2 were under construction.