3.34 Lakh VW and Audi Cars Recalled in North America Over Fuel Leakage

The giant German auto-giant group, Volkswagen has recently announced a massive recall of 3.34 cars in the US and Canada. This recall affects Volkswagen and Audi models over the possible leak in the fuel tank with different causes.

Volkswagen is still sailing through the dark storms of its famous Emission Scandal which put a huge dent in the company’s reputation and has not over yet. And now the another recall may highly impact brands image in the global market.

However, Volkswagen confirmed that no accidents have been reported so far, but in order to avoid possible risk, the company took this step in advance considering the safety of its customer, as the fuel leak may lead to fire accidentally.

The affected lot of cars include petrol-powered versions of the Audi Q5 (2009-2012), Q7 (2007-2012), A6/A7 (2012-2013) as well as VW Golf, GTI, Audi A3 and A3 Cabriolet. Around 83 percent of the affected vehicles by fuel leakage are registered in the US. VW has kicked-off the process of notifying the respective owners and carrying out the recall process.
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