Top 5 Reasons that Reveals it’s Time to Re-launch Yamaha RX100

  • 6th, Jul 2018 2:00 PM
  • Mayank Sharma
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There was a time when people did not aware of global warming and not even heard of emission norms. Also, the matter wasn’t that considerable in India. Then the iconic Yamaha RX100 from Japanese manufacturer ruled the streets. The motorcycle comes packed with an air-cooled, 98cc, two-stroke engine that is capable of producing the peak power of 11PS. That power made this lightweight 103 kgs motorcycle fly as it uses bare bones construction with lesser moving parts. It was an affordable and reliable option that time in the Indian biking industry.

However, the emitted smoke from the equipped two-stroke engine that’s peculiar and sooty made the most lenient environmentalist, forcing Yamaha to pull the plug of the motorcycle in 1996. Once again the RX100 is in talks on internet, may be it could launch soon. Here in this post we are sharing the reasons which proves that it is the right to re-launch the motorcycle.

Love for Retro Bikes

The love for retro bikes is growing day by day among the Indian audience. It can easily be confirmed by the growing sales of Royal Enfield in 350cc segment mostly. Following the same, various other manufacturers also started rolling out their retro-styled motorcycles with advanced technologies and modern amenities. With such improvements, if the Yamaha RX100 launches in the country it will easily manage to pull audience in bulk. The motorcycle’s brand value and reliability in past will do a favour for sure.

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Growing Demand for Performance-Oriented Commuters

Nowadays, the performance oriented bikes are the first choice of young generation. If the bikemaker will serve such performance witnessed back in time. it will be a best option among other commuters. However, the powertrain configuration that the Yamaha RX100 use to have can’t be offered owing to the setup does not complies with the ongoing emission norms. So, the RX100’s comeback is only possible with a host of alterations at powering front.

Yamaha RX100

In place of a four-stroke single-cylinder motor that was capable of endowing 11PS and 11Nm, the brand has to alter it with a four-stroke single-cylinder motor. This fitment will not be able to offer that stonking power-to-weight ratio for which the older RX100 renowned. Also, the power and torque will also be affected in this configuration. Whatever, the audience would love to see the same performer under the new skin. Also, it is expected the brand will try it level best to offer what audience want.

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Aggressive Price Tag

Besides, its performance the Yamaha RX100 was popular for its affordable price tag. Well, it was possible owing to motorcycle developed on bare bones construction with basic features and easy-to-manufacture two-stroke motor. Although the new RX100 which will hit the Indian tarmac in a modern avatar, is expected to be loaded with a host of modern features such as as LED DRLs and a disc brake. Whereas, the powertrain will also be an improved option. The important thing to strengthen its root in premium commuter segment once again, is to keep motorcycle pricing aggressive.

No Rivalry

The Indian market however is filled with commuters meant for long-term reliability, comfort and fuel efficiency. But they are not upto that par in terms of performance. So, if Yamaha re-introduces the RX100, there will be no direct competition for the motorcycle in the 100-125cc segment. Still, the new four-stroke engine will show a dip in performance and the motorcycle will join the other commuters with less performance.