5 Suzuki Connect Features That Make Nexa Cars ‘Smart’

  • 30th, Jul 2018 6:30 PM
  • Atul Mittal
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Suzuki Connect is an advanced telematics solution that was launched by Maruti Suzuki a few days ago particularly for the Nexa-branded cars. It is an advanced connectivity and safety instrument that works on a telematics unit to help users connect with their cars more easily and conveniently. The Suzuki Connect is aimed at improving the overall driving experience by improving the safety and security of the riders and providing a more user-friendly car experience.

The Suzuki Connect comes with a load of features and benefits, some of which are mentioned below.

Vehicle Tracking

This feature has been integrated with the Connect to enable owners to keep a live track of their vehicles, whether it is being driven or is in the garage. The underlying telematics unit can connect directly with an app on your smartphone to enable you to track the live location of your car at any time. In addition to live-vehicle tracking, it can navigate you to your car, create a geo-fence, send tow away alerts and let you share location with others.

Driving Behaviour Analysis

Want to improve your driving? This Suzuki Connect feature can help. The driving behaviour analysis feature will automatically record your behaviour and activities while driving, such as how and when you apply brakes or accelerate, etc., so that you can use the data to make yourself a better driver. It will also provide driving suggestions to save fuel and improve efficiency. In addition, it shows driving score based on behaviour analysis, gives fuel efficiency report, trip details and trip consolidation.

Service Due Reminder

You may have already seen the service due indicator in many cars and even bikes. This one goes one step ahead. The feature is controlled by an app on your smartphone which will automatically remind you of service schedule so that your car gets regular maintenance, as and when needed. The app provides its recommendation based on the actual odometer reading which is accurate and time-saving.


This is a unique safety feature that can send emergency alerts in the form of messages, preventive functional calls or car assistance calls in the case of an emergency. The feature works even when you are not driving your car.

Live Vehicle Status

This feature will alert you about the status of your vehicle such as over-speeding alerts, car’s location, low fuel alert, trip on/off, manual trip and last trip summary. It automatically tracks and logs all the movement of the car.

So, that’s all you need to know about the new Suzuki Connect. Got a Nexa-branded car? Get your Connect now! As of now, Suzuki Connect is only being offered as an option with the four Nexa cars (Ciaz, Baleno, Ignis and the S-Cross), at an extra cost of Rs 9,999 with 3-year subscription.