Another Koenigsegg Megacar Regera is Coming to Geneva

Just a couple of days ago, we informed you that the Swedish car company Koenigsegg is going to launch the new Agera RS car at Geneva Motor Show 2015 in March. Now, there is one more car which has surfaced on the top and will be coming to the Geneva Show known as Koenigsegg Regera. The car has been described as the next megacar from the company after One:1 launched last year. This also means that the car will be having amazing power that could exceed above 1300 hp or may be higher than that. Well, I guess the company is on very right track to become the sire in the super car segment and the time is also supporting it as the Bugatti's Veyron has also been shut down and will take some time to make a comeback.

Now, as the rumors are going on about this car then its Regera is for the camless engine which the company has been developing for past few years or the Regenerative technology for the braking system. Well, let's just wait for the march 5th and everything will be out in the light crystal clear.

Also, talking about its Agera RS runabout, then there is a possibility that this car enters Koenigsegg into the track-oriented car arena like Ferrari FXXK and others as well. And, the Agera RS is supposed to be placed between the 1200 hp Agera R and 1341 hp One:1. Well, stay tuned for more information until the launch of these super cars.