Audi India To Introduce New Cars In Range Of INR 20-30 Lakh

Audi India is to introduce the new cars in the entry-level luxury car segment and the new launches are expected to position below the Q3 and Audi A3. The new models will reach the market by 2021 and fix in the price range of Rs. 20 lakh-30 lakh range.

Even Rahil Ansari, Audi India’s head has given the assurance in this regard. He mentioned, “In order to gain a customer base, we will introduce products in the volume segment, below A3 and Q3, in the next 2-3 years.”

The carmaker also mentions the launch of new SUV below the Q2 and we expect it to be unveiled ahead of 2020. The new 2019 A1 hatchback will also be unveiled after 2018. It is expected to take the MQB A0 platform. Further, the anticipated sub-Audi Q2 SUV/crossover is as well expected to take this platform.

The entry-level offering can come to India either through CKD route or as a locally manufactured unit. If the company goes for the second option, it will be more useful for the luxury carmaker as by local production the price will be managed and it will be available with unbeatable price in the entry-level segment of luxury cars. Audi is already in an advantage as no rivals like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and Volvo offer the product in the A1 range. If the production of this entry-level Audi becomes local, we expect the car to be priced around Rs 20 lakh.

If we convert the Audi A1 (UK) in Indian denomination, it costs from Rs 15.50 to Rs 26.20 lakh range and Q2 prices Rs. 20.5 lakh. Presently, the most popular product in India is the A3 sedan available at a price range of Rs 32 lakh-Rs 35.44 lakh. The Q3, an entry-level SUV is priced in India at Rs. 33.4 lakh.