Audi May Launch 2 Electric Vehicles Next Year

The German automaker Audi has good 2014 in terms of sales world-wide. It has launched many cars this year and has become one of the top sellers in India with more than 10,000 units. It also demoed it future concepts at the different motor shows and most famous among the concept has been it A9 Prologue concept on which Audi says its future cars will be designed. However, no other confirmation has come out yet. Now, there is another news filing up the market that Audi will launch 2 electric cars in the next year. The reason behind this rumor could be the growing interest of people towards pollution free cars.

One of the electric cars that Audi might launch could be its production ready R8 e-tron, though it still has to be confirmed by the company yet. Also, there are chances that a Sports Active Vehicle (SAV) may see the light of the day as well. Audi has plans to make this possible SAV to cover the distance of around 500 KM on a single charge. Thus giving tough competition to the upcoming BMWs and Teslas.

This anticipation of launching electric vehicles will make Audi to invest around US $ 2.4 Billion, taking the total investment to US $ 22 Billion by the year 2019 and hence once again surpassing its arch-rival BMW.