Bajaj Auto Revises its Motorcycles Price; Hiked by INR 2000

With the start of the new financial year, Bajaj auto revised the pricing of its product lineup. Have a look at the motorcycles’ re-considered prices with the witnessed hike in price. The Bajaj flagship model, the Dominar 400 ABS which was earlier available on sale at INR 1,56,275 will now cost you INR 1,58,275 post-hike of INR 2000. With the surge of INR 1000, the models like the Pulsar 220F and the Pulsar 180 now costs at INR 94,682 and Rs 82,650, respectively. The Pulsar NS200 will now cost Rs 98,714 for the non-ABS and Rs 1,10,714 for the single-channel ABS variant as the model gets the hike of INR 1700. The only faired motorcycle in the product lineup, the Pulsar RS200 is now Rs 1,800 expensive and available to purchase at INR 1,24,890 for the non-ABS variant and Rs 1,36,794 for the single-channel ABS. All the prices are applicable at the authorised Delhi dealerships. However, the Pulsar NS 160’s price remained unaltered.

Bajaj Pulsar RS 200

Moving ahead to the Avenger range of bikes, the top end 220 variants with the plunge of INR 998, is now available to retail at INR 94,464. The newly introduced Avenger 180 continues on sale at the same launch price, the standard version at INR 53,670 and the front disc brake variant at INR 56,992. The much-hyped V range for the model V15 obtained the hike of INR 1000. Whereas, the V12 price did not get updated. Post revision, the V15 will price at INR 65,178. Move to the commuter range of Bajaj motorcycles which include the Discover and the Platina moniker. The Discover 125 has become costlier by INR 1668 and the Platina Comfortec with the price hike of INR 500, now retail at INR 47,155 (all prices ex-showroom Delhi).

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Regardless, Bajaj, TVS has also altered the pricing of its lineup for the new financial year. The idea behind is the increased costs of raw materials and to maintain product quality.