Bajaj Auto Could Halt Production of V15 This Month: Check Reasons

The V15 is considered as a special motorcycle from Bajaj stable owing to its creation from the metal of decommissioned aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. Other than this, the motorcycle also gathered the attention of the audience owing to the brand’s marketing strategies during its launch. However, the things not worked out as automaker thought, consequently, the bike is on the verge of ending its journey in the Indian biking industry and could be eliminated from the lineup this month.

The Bajaj V15 is an entry-level premium commuter which features a slightly different styling among commuters available in our country. That’s too, did not work out for the bike in collecting revenue for the company. As per the reports, the Pune based bikemaker managed to sell only 30,238 units of the V15 in 2018. In the month of May in 2018, the similar month when the company discontinued its lower trim V12 with the smaller 125cc engine, the motorcycle witnessed a plunge in sales.

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When talked about the same with a few Bajaj dealers, most of them confessed of brand’s aiming at products with major sales like the most desirable Pulsar range. Also, there is no need for brand took such products serious which are not doing well for the company. It could also be considered as a major reason that Bajaj did not arm the V15 with the advanced safety of ABS yet. Also, it hints towards its elimination post 1 April. Moreover, it does not make sense of fitting such models with expensive safety equipment which will increase the cost of the product which already is not doing well in the market.

Source: Image: Autocarindia