Benelli Unveils Newly Patented 1200cc triple-cylinder engine

Benelli has unveiled a newly patented 1200cc inline three cylinder engine for which the company has applied for patents in December last year. Altogether, the company has also showcased its 1200cc sport touring motorcycle, which is codenamed as the QJ1200GS.

The revealed engine appears to share its design with the engine equipped in older Benellis. As, the balancer shaft in front of the crank, seems alike to the 1130 cc three-cylinder unit of the TNT R. The in-line three cylinder engine renowned British manufacturer Triumph also shares similar layout. Speculations are both the Benelli and its parent company QianJiang can use the engine as the CAD designs features both the brand name.

A newly patented 1200cc inline three cylinder engine

Albeit, the design is identical as the 1130cc, the motorcycle’s crankcase, cylinders, cylinder head and transmission are completely new. The six-speed gearbox it utilizes will dispatch power to the rear wheel through a shaft drive as witnessed in the patent drawing of the QJ1200GS. This blueprint is common for various sport tourers as it enhances refinement and need low maintenance. Benelli had announced that it was thinking over new models up to 1200cc and it is speculated to power a long span of bikes with this engine.

Currently, a new 750cc twin streetfighter is also under development that can go into competition with the Ducati Monster in India.

A 1200cc sport touring motorcycle, codenamed as the QJ1200GS