DSK Benelli at the India bike Week, 3 More Bikes on Role in India

DSK Benelli had announced to start the bookings for their five bike models from the 10th of March 2015 along with including 3 more contenders in the team. The India Bike Week has already begun and this Italian Motorist has played their products on the stage. This was the event where the company disclosed a firm statement over the dates of booking and announcement of prices. The company has produced inline engine based motorcycle with different power range to suit the individuals’ preferences. The Harley-Davidson Big Five patch has also blinked their range of customised offerings at the IBW 2015.

The motorcycles to reach the showrooms initially are TNT 300, TNT 899, TNT GT, TNT 600i and TNT 1130. As the names suggest, these bikes carry the power train from 300cc to 1130cc, suitable for bulk and individual choices. All these bikes are constructed on inline engine setup with two to four cylinder configurations.  Apart from these bikes the three new bikes to come include TNT 25, Blackster 250 and Trek Amazonas. They will be making their way to India in the near future.


The Keeway Blackster 250 is arriving with the badging of DSK Benelli and will be sold in India with the stated name. The DSK Benelli has aimed high by introducing 5 bikes at a time in India with future plans to bring some more bikes to serve the volume and premium categories under the sports bike and cruiser segment. There is a lot to cover from the India Bike Week, so stay logged here.