Safety Road Map: Ducati To Introduce Most Advanced Braking Feature

Ducati, the Italian Motorcycle manufacturer, as part of its 2025 Safety Road Map, is all set to raise the bar for rider safety among premium bikes with its Advanced Rider Assistance Systems (ARAS). The ARAS will alert riders of any potential impending risks from traffic around the motorcycle. The ARAS will supposedly be powered by front and rear radar systems. Post-2020, Ducati plans to equip all its offerings with the ARAS system.

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How will ARAS work?

RADAR uses radio waves to detect range, angle, and velocity of approaching objects. ARAS will use high-end radar sensors to map a large number of vehicles in the motorcycles vicinity. It would then identify approaching vehicles from behind or possible blind spots. The rider would be given an alert for any potential collision from behind or blind spots. Ducati motorcycles will also be equipped with adaptive cruise control systems to enable rider in maintaining a safe distance from nearby co-vehicles. Speculations are high that the 2021 Multistrada, a tourist motorcycle, will be the first Ducati model to get ARAS.

Bosch made Cornering ABS

Ducati has also announced that the Artificial Intelligence-based Cornering ABS system will be available as standard across its entire range. Some of the Ducati bikes already carry this feature. But as part of the 2025 Safety Road Map, the Italian motorcycle maker will introduce the add-on feature over the regular ABS. Reportedly, cornering ABS prevents wheels from locking-up when the driver applies instant brakes in response to an obstacle or during the accident.Bosch ABS Cornering regulates the pressure of the braking system, and in the process prevents any so-called "downside" or rather a crash caused by the locking of the front of the bike. Ducati claims it to be the missing piece of the braking system puzzle. The final frontier of road safety has been captured and won.