Eider Unveils its Entire Lineup; Offering 30% Inaugural Discount

Eider Motors, a very unusual name in the Indian two-wheeler market is on the urge the become one of the leading automakers of the country. Keeping in mind about the latest youth trends, the company develops highly-modern performance bikes via the help of a vibrant support team. Undoubtedly, the machines engineered by the Hyderabad-based manufacturer are really very interesting and grab the attention of the masses in a single take.

By the end of 2016, the Indian two-wheeler maker would probably launch 15 models or even more comprising the bikes and commuting scooters within the range between 110cc to 650cc engine capacities. All the products will be available at a discount of 30% at the time of launch, though, the offer expires when the inaugural period ends. Checkout the overview of the entire lineup from Eider Motors.


Eider Loera

The 125cc classic vintage Leora an all new next generation scooter acquiring the capabilities of a cruiser along with eye-fascinating retro looks. Because of the heavy use of plastic, the commuter merely weighs around 110 kgs, however, no one can feel even that much. To ensure riders' safety, it gets front disc brakes while drum at the rear. There is extensive chrome on the handlebar. Eider Leora is available in peppy shades including Red, Yellow and Silver.


Eider Adonis

The hunky Adonis has got a muscular front appearance. The body of the scooter appears to be very identical to a European styled machine. As per the specifications, it features a 124.6cc single-cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled engine that generates a maximum power of 9.11BHP and a maximum torque of 8NM paired to a CVT. There's a fuel tank capacity of 12L, which releases the tension of filling the tank for long journeys.

Jet Max

Eider Jet Max

The elder brother of Adonis, Jet Max is a bulky style tourer that also gets a stereo system to make your rides enjoyable. Mechanically, it is powered by a double 250cc, liquid-cooled engine that propels out 22BHP of power and 21NM of torque. The braking duties are being performed by dual disc brakes up front while single disc at the rear. Moreover, it features dual headlamps, LED tail lamps and large seats.


Eider Stoic

The small capacity Eider Stoic carries a motor of 110cc and is aimed at the high volumes commuter segment. Generating out a power of 7.6BHP and a torque of 6.5NM, the engine is mated to a 4-speed gearbox. On an all, the design looks very simple and elegant that certainly grab the eyeballs. Basic features of the bike are long seat, alloy wheels, sleek exhaust canal, front crash guard, full chain cover etc.

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Eider Ruddy

Eider Ruddy features a retro styling with yelling double silencer. The attractive bits of the motorcycle include racing tyres with front disc brakes, dual shock suspensions at the rear end, vintage looking speedometer, headlight with parking lights. Powering the Ruddy is a 150cc, air-cooled engine burning out a power of 11.4PS. The motor is paired to a 5-speed transmission.


Eider Dave

The CF Moto Dave is a naked sportsbike that gets a powertrain of 149.4cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, EFI, petrol engine propelling out 14.34BHP of power at 9000 RPM and 12.2NM of torque at 6800 RPM, paired with a six-speed gearbox. It weighs around 180kgs and going to compete with the existing and extremely popular Yamaha FZ and some of the other street fighters. To control the wheels, disc brakes are there on both the ends.


Eider Dronzer

The edgy and youth oriented Dronzer is entirely trendy with up to the mark performance figures. The bike is powered by a 250cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with a five-speed gearbox. Braking responsibilities are under petal discs on both the ends.


Eider Commando

The sturdy Commando looks extremely bold and classy from its first looks and by far the most anticipatory bike from the above stated ones. The motorcycle is originally developed by the American automaker, United Motors. Eider has joined hands with the former for selling the bike in the country. Powering the bike is a 223cc engine that generates 18HP of power and 15.5NM of torque.

650NK & 650TK

Eider Police

Starting the section with the 650NK, the street-fighter comes under the middle-weight category. The two-cylinder, in-line, liquid-cooled engine delivers 60HP of power and 56NM of torque. The motor is matched up to a six-speed transmission. The motorcycle carries a weight of around 203kgs and comes with an optional ABS. When it comes 650TK (known as 'Police'), the roadster is the sports variant of the sibling street-fighter. Though, both the machines are fairly identical to each other, it's just that the only differences are of the weight and the tank capacities.


Eider Etania

The exterior of the Etania is duly inspired from the Stoic. Also, a couple of the parts are same as well. Under the hood, there is a 200cc air-cooled engine that delivers 11.4PS of power and is mated to a five-speed transmission. The special features of the bike are digital speedometer, customized LED headlamp comprising of functional LED side lamps that flaunt the sporty looks of the tourer to its best.


The V-Chop is powered by a 250cc V-Twin mill that would yield a power of 30HP. The anticipated launch is around mid or end of this year. Chances are there that we may get some updates about the bike before the launch.

Apart from the above list, there are Big Boy, Hudii and Kazer in line, but no details about the bikes are out till now. Bookings for all the bikes has begun and deliveries will start soon as well in three months. Only V-Chop will stand out. The inaugural ex-showroom prices of all the tourers are below in the next section.

Adonis – Rs. 85,406.37/- Booking Amount – Rs. 15,000/-
Dronzer – Rs. 1,33,054/- Booking Amount – Rs. 75,000/-
Dave – Rs. 1,34,854/- Booking Amount – Rs. 75,500/-
Jetmax – Rs. 1,57,327/- Booking Amount – Rs. 88,000/-
65NK- Rs. 3,37,130/- Booking Amount – Rs. 1,88,000/-
Poice TK -Rs. 4,00,061/- Booking Amount – Rs. 2,25,000/-
Stoic – Rs. 49,045/-Booking Amount – Rs. 8620/-
Ruddy – Rs. 54,210/- Booking Amount – Rs. 9120/-
Leora – Rs. 49,459/- Booking Amount – Rs. 8325/-
Etania – Rs. 67,426/- Booking Amount – Rs. 11,325/-
Commando – Rs. 79,113/- Booking Amount – Rs. 13,270/-
Big Boy – Rs. 84,887/- Booking Amount – Rs. 14,235/-
Hudii – Rs. 1,16,327/- Booking Amount – Rs. 65,000/-
Kaizar – Rs. 1,08,669/- Booking Amount – Rs. 60,000/-