Ford Motors Raises Car Prices Post Import Duty Hike

It is a known fact that not all cars are completely manufactured in India. Some components are still imported and assembled in the respective manufacturing plants across the country. Hence the Indian Government's unanimous cabinet decision to increase import duty on auto components was bound to increase car prices in India. Ford India is one of the many foreign car manufacturers who has been impacted by the decision. As a repercussion, the American Automaker has increased the prices of its entire lineup in India. The new prices would be effective from March 1, 2018.

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Below table gives you an estimate of the premiums that buyers would have to shell out for owning their favorite Ford vehicle post the price hike.


Present Ex-Showroom Price (Rs)

Expected Price Hike (Rs)

Ford Figo

5 lakh to 8 lakh

20,000 to 32,000


7.67 lakh to 11.2 lakh

30,680 to 44,800


25.65 lakh to 32.09 lakh

1,02,600 to 1,28,000

Figo Aspire

5.58 lakh to 8.54 lakh

22,320 to 34,160

As per reports, Ford had unveiled a freestyle crossover for the Indian Roads at last months Auto Expo. Also, the Ford Figo hatchback and the Figo Aspire sedan are awaiting facelifts as these were launched three years ago. All these cars will supposedly cost more than the earlier expected price.

However, Ford is not the first in line to increase car prices. In a press statement, Skoda has already confirmed that its Octavia, Rapid and Kodiaq will get costlier. There are clear indications that other Automakers will follow suit soon.