Government Updates Speed Limits On Express And National Highways

The government has increased the speed limits cap up to 120 kph for express highways and 100kph for national highways. For commercial vehicles and two-wheelers, the cap is raised up to 80 kph on highways. Apart from this, the maximum speeds limit has been raised to 20 kph for highways and expressways.

Taxis speeds are limited to 100 kph and previously the limit was cap up to 80 kph and 90 kph on highways. On the other hand, taxis will be restricted to the same speed limit cap as the cars at 70 kph. Two wheelers in the city are operable at the speed limit up to 60 kph and previously, it was restricted to 40 kph.

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These categorized speed limits are applicable to only some parts of the country on the expressways and highways. Although, other speed limits which will be different for some twistier bends of a road such as the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, which will be inspected then will come forward.

Be aware, although, the speed limits arranged by the government for specific areas passing village and towns will remain same as previous.