Harley LiveWire Sees an Increase in Travel Range

Harley LiveWire that is an electric bike concept from the legendary American manufacturer, is claimed to witness a bump in travel range. Other than this, a lot more details about the motorcycle has now been revealed from Harley’s house like its top speed, charging time among others.

Let’s start with its first showcase back in 2014, the concept received a lot of attention from across the world as it was something that no one would ever expect from Harley Davidson. Since, the brand is globally acknowledged for its big, burly V-twins. But when its production-ready prototype showcased at the 2018 EICMA all the focus centred to its styling from motorcycle being an electric vehicle that attracted a lot of enthusiasts. However, its staggering price tag of USD 29,799 (about Rs 21 lakh) shattered hopes of many. Also, the range of just 177 km claimed at that time does not seem a value proposition in any way. However, with such fewer details making the judgement about the brand is not fair.

From the recently revealed details which claim an extended range from the initial claim of 177km, the Harley Davidson LiveWire now gives a better context for its price tag. As per the new facts, it can go 140 miles (225km) in the city or 88 miles (142 km) under a combination of stop-and-go traffic and highway. The claimed top speed for the motorcycle is 177kmph while the official power and torque figures are not revealed by the Harley yet.

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Furthermore, for charging-DC Fast Charger can charge up the battery from zero to 100 per cent just in an hour. While to get charged about 80 per cent it took only 40 minutes. The DC Charger is compatible with a ‘J plug’ connector (aka SAE J1772) most commonly used plug in the US market. For the European market and others, CCS2 – IEC type 2 charging connector is available for people convenience.

As per the Harley Davidson, all its showrooms will provide the facility of charging with the DC Fast Charger. It would be a good move that not only makes the riders wait at own dealership while charging the bike and check out the stores or even socialize with fellow riders. Moreover, the bike comes featured with H-D Connect Service, which offers smartphone connectivity, cloud services, service reminders, GPS-enabled motorcycle tracker among others.