Honda And Maruti To Bring Hybrid Cars In India By 2020

Maruti and Honda are putting full-efforts to bring hybrid cars in the country by 2020 or 2022. This change is formulated due to imminent 2022 CAFE norms. As of now the adjusted-for-curb-weight Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency number of 138g of CO2 per kilometre which is not so much rigid, and the anticipated limit of 113g per kilometer will be unveiled in 2022, will be very hard to meet, in terms of petrol cars. In general words, this can be because CO2 output has some direct relation with fuel economy.

Therefore, fuel-efficient diesel will suffer from emission provisions but will be according to CO2 norms and less efficient petrol cars in line. Another fact also suggests that the petrol vehicles are generally lighter according to a weight-adjusted bit. So, the carmakers will try to move on petrol-electric early.

A petrol-electric engine is helpful in providing the more efficient electric system at a high level of efficiency as compared to internal combustion engines and assists the combined efficiency as well.


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The Honda and Maruti are going to work on hybrid tech in the country. C V Raman, the head of engineering, “What we are looking at doing is improving our internal combustion engines by hybridizing them”.

The India-spec hybrid car will get Suzuki’s Dualjet engine here and the boost of the car will be of 8kW as compare to 10. But with the same ramp-up efficiency, A Swift hybrid is likely to get all components, will not be priced more than a diesel version. The Maruti is expected to take power from a Suzuki-Denso-Toshiba consortium which will start with lithium-ion batteries. Honda is another company which is looking for hybrid assembling. Yoichiro Ueno, Head of Honda India says, “It would be essential to launch hybrid vehicles to meet norms. Some components may have to be imported in the beginning, but we want to maximize the locally made parts.” Some parts may be imported in the starting, but the company wants to make maximum parts here only.


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Honda may go for IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) like a conventional setup. The City Hybrid from the company is already available in the Malaysia market. The Honda is planning to go with the hybrid system like the Accord. With Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD), the car operates as an electric car in Hybrid Drive Operation (HDO), the petrol engine charges the battery of the car and e-motor is available for powering the wheels. Further, Engine Drive Operation (EDO) drives from the engine to the wheels using a single gear equivalent to fourth in order to shorten transmission losses. The Accord Hybrid is able to produce a number of 17.4kpl under Autocar’s city test cycle. Still, full specifications and dates are not announced by the company yet.