Honda Revealed 250cc Super Sports Concept Model

Honda has unveiled its 250cc concept motorcycle that will be taken place at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of the end of this October. The company says the lightweight super sports concept has been designed around the phrase 'strong presence'. The inline four-cylinder motorcycle is a preview of the new CBR250RR that was recently demonstrated by the Young Machine on its magazine.

The Honda has not released anything about the motorcycle, saying 'Designed with the key phrase “strong presence,” this next-generation super sport concept model and features a look possessing a sense of speed that comes from its long nose and low crouching position. The combination of a plane architecture, which indicates the sense of hardness and solidity, and sharp edges emphasize the aggressive look of this model. Moreover, the exterior featuring matte-black-based low-contrast graphics expresses beauty and the remarkable form.'

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The Honda's first ever super sports concept model is just around the corner, the solo picture of the fully faired motorcycle looks very combative and promising to provide an excellent riding experience. In terms of design, the fairing and tail section of 250cc motorcycle seems very identical to the Kawasaki's supercharged motorcycle, Ninja H2. But the thing you would really like i.e. dual headlight that is not been used in the motorcycle. Moreover, there is a trellis frame in the parallel-twin motorcycle.

The all black concept motorcycle appears with the magnificent suspension and brakes that are also used on the Yamaha R3. In addition to the concept motorcycle, the firm will also be displaying several production models at the Tokyo Motor Show, including the new CRF1000L Africa Twin, an updated CBR1000RR SP and the new GoldWing.