India Exports "Not-for-India" H-D Street 500

The Harley-Davidson Street 750 is the most-affordable cruiser motorcycle ever manufactured and offered by the American cruiser motorcycle manufacturer. The Milwaukee, Wisconsin based cruiser manufacturer, Harley-Davidson, has opened up a completely new set-up in Bawal, Haryana. The new manufacturing facility was settled in India, specifically for the Harley-Davidson Street 750 and 500. However, only H-D Street 750 is available in the Indian two-wheeler market for cruiser enthusiasts, whereas, the H-D Street 500 is exclusively for export purpose. While launching the elder brother, the firm has made an announcement that the younger sibling might get launched in the country.

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The Harley-Davidson has started its initial stage of exporting the Street 750 and 500 from the European countries. And, now the firm has expanded its range to some other major two-wheeler markets, which includes Indonesia, Asia Pacific, Australia, Japan, Philippines and Thailand. Besides the Indian manufacturing facility, only the Harley's US based plant is producing the Street 750 and 500. If the H-D Street 500 would have launched by the company, it simply replaces the punch-line of being the most-affordable cruiser motorcycle from its elder brother.

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Mr. Anoop Prakash, Managing Director at Harley-Davidson, says that the H-D Street 750 has emerged as the market leader in the premium cruiser segment, as it counts largest volume of sales across the firm's entire line-up. Since its inception, H-D has sold out over 8000 motorcycles out of its 12 offerings, in which 8 are being assembled locally at the Bawal, Haryana located facility. He guesstimates that in the next few years, the firm will be anticipated to double the digit of sales across its complete segment.