Indian Released Ride Command Mobile App

Indian Ride Command, which is a new mobile app has been developed by the Indian Motorcycle. The new application comes with a firmware update of the motorcycle ’s touchscreen infotainment system. It has been preloaded with impressive features which riders can utilize it while riding the bike on the roads.

Through this app, users can plan the riding routes up to 100 waypoints and then transfer the direction to motorcycle navigation system via Bluetooth. The new application also demonstrates some useful information regarding the bike such as fuel level, oil life, tyre pressure, service recommendations and more. The users can download the Indian Ride Command app either from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Riders who want to use the Indian Ride Command app in their motorcycles, either they have to update their onboard Ride Command infotainment system by visiting Indian Motorcycle dealership store or they can download the app directly from the website of Indian Motorcycle. Furthermore, 2018 map is also available on the app at free of cost which the riders can download it

The owner of India Chieftain and Roadmaster will get complimentary map updates for the duration of three years. Indian Ride Command App is compatible with Indian Motorcycle models that have been equipped with the Ride Command touchscreen interface. The disappointing part is that lower down version models such as Scout will not support this app.