Intelligent Traffic Lights To Reduce Air Pollution And Traffic Jams

To reduce traffic congestion and to lower air pollution, four students of class 11 from Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon have developed an ‘intelligent traffic light’ system. To make existing traffic light system reactive to real-time traffic intensity, the students- Shreya Raju, Om Shelat, Ira Sidhu and Soumya Juneja have produced this system.

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There is a camera in the system to sense the change in traffic patterns by capturing an image. To calculate the amount of traffic present on road, the image captured is sent to a microprocessor and effectively there is a change in red/green distribution of time at each junction. It is the first kind of system which will work on Indian roads and will function according to the traffic situation in the country which is written by the team in project paper.

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The students claims that the system can even reduce the air pollution. As vehicles produces major air pollution, so the time spent on the road will be reduced due to this system which will result in decreasing the number of pollutants released by the cars, thus reducing air pollution, they told PTI.

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The students told that, the system is adaptable with present traffic lights, so the cost and time required are cut down for implementation. In comparison to other traffic lights which costs Rs 8 lakh, the system costs only Rs 20,000. Students even told that, a model has been developed just to test it in live traffic conditions and it has been approved for a longer period by authorities.