Patent Images Of Kawasaki Electric Motorcycle Surfaced Online

It seems that Kawasaki, the Japan-based bike manufacturer is to work on an electric motorcycle as the patent images have recently surfaced on the internet. In the patent images, the electric motorcycle looks similar to a standard motorcycle with the conventional design that is equipped with a battery pack which looks like a dummy fuel tank. The electric battery is positioned underneath the clutch and the presence of a clutch is pointing that there is a possibility of a gearbox. However, the patent images of the electric motorcycle are not clarifying that it will be a production-ready model but we understand that Kawasaki might be working on electric technology.

Two patent images of the motorcycle have been surfaced online which reveals some interesting information about the upcoming electric motorcycle. Interestingly, the large air scoop is placed on the front side of the bike. Generally, air inlets have been positioned in the engine of the motorcycles for the cooling purpose. The air scoop is mostly used to cool the electric motor or the battery or for both.

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Kawasaki Electric Features

From the patent images, we are not able to identify how far advanced technology would be used in the upcoming Kawasaki electric bike. In other ways, Kawasaki might be thinking to use some advanced technology such as assisted cooling and also for the inclusion of a gearbox. It is not the first time we have seen a electric bike concept from the Kawasaki, as earlier it was hinted that the Kawasaki may come with a geared electric motorcycle as same as the conventional petrol engine bike.

There is a lot of time to speculate as the Kawasaki electric bike is still under development and may come with fully fledged features to turn around the heads.