Koenigsegg Regera Teased Before Geneva Show 2015

A few days ago, we told you that Koenigsegg is planning to launch a new car at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 that could be the company's first hyper race track car with a few new technologies in it. There are speculations that this could be the car which will mark the entry of Koenigsegg in the racing arena and will be producing same power as in One:1, that is around 1341 hp. There is now other information available about the car and manufacturer is also keeping it very secret to make sure that the people just go mad after the launch of this new possible super car of the world.

However, an image has been teased of the car, which just shows the headlight and a few lines on the front of the car. There is also a theory behind it's name, market is expecting this car to be equipped with the regenerative braking and hence it has been named as Regera. It might also get a camless engine which is under production for quite sometime, as told by the company. But, as we said that nothing will be confirmed until the March 3, 2015.

Also, along with this Regera super car, there would be Agera RS as well at the event, which will be placed between Koenigsegg Agera and One:1 in terms of power. Well, no other information has been revealed about this car too and we again have to wait till March 3, 2015.