KRSTC Commences Initiative to Educate Two Wheeler Riders While Riding Close to Buses

In a drive to safeguard roads from accidents involving buses and two-wheelers, the state run bus service of Karnataka has initiated an approach of educating riders about blind spots. As the two-wheeler riders and pedestrians are the major victims of accidents on buses. A head-on collision and riding along the same side are the prominent reasons for an accident with the buses. For which, most of the time the drivers are blamed for not driving carefully. However, it is not the case. At least, not always.

As one of the most important factors for these majority of accident cases with buses are blind spots. The buses have blind spots which did not reflect the riders parked just adjacent to the bus. In order to make the same understood for riders, the Karnataka Government has started an initiative to tell riders difficulties faced by them while driving buses.

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In the accompanying video, you will see two young, well-versed riders were allowed to sit in the buses in order to observe the rear view mirrors. When they go through the rear view mirrors they found rear view mirrors were clear without any traffic behind the bus. They got shocked when getting down from the bus and found a couple of riders standing adjacent to the bus. The bus drivers also face the similar issues due to mentioned blind spot issues of buses and met with unintentional and unfortunate events.

The reason is the riders which are very close to the bus not get captured in the rearview mirrors owing to the length of the bus. Other than this, the riders who have not been able to calculate the distance and speed to overtake the vehicle met with the accidents.

This initiative is also likely to give lessons on overtaking vehicles. While overtaking, the riders and motorists have to keep in mind of maintaining valid distance and correct calculation of speed and distance from the vehicle. The KSRTC that is the main character for this initiative is willing to bring the rate of accidents drastically low. Besides awaring riders and motorists, the bus drivers are also being educated. For regular classes of real-world scenarios to the drivers, the initiatives have been launched.

The drivers with a clean record of 5 years working are also being awarded medals. By sharing this video, the only message is for the two-wheeler riders to take utmost precaution while riding close to the buses as in several cases there is no fault of the bus drivers.

Source: video: rushlane