Mahindra Introduces Thar-Based Roxor SUV

Mahindra has launched a Thar-based Roxor off-road SUV and revealed the price as well. The Roxor, not street-legal in the USA, will be in the market with a starting price tag of RS. 10.14 lakh ($15,549).

The Roxor has a steel frame and it is designed mainly for off-road motives, it has only bones along with restricted everything such as mirrors is taking place as optional equipment setup. Mahindra will provide the Roxor in a Limited Edition model rendering a range of additional features such as grab handles, a soft top, winch, light bar, audio system, off-road tires, side and rear view mirrors. The equipment setup will make the availability of as much as 900 colors and wrap choices.

The Roxor produces power using the Thar’s 2.5-litre M2DICR BSIV diesel engine. In this vehicle, the engine is able to generate a peak power of 63 PS at 3200rpm and a peak torque of 195Nm at 1400rpm to 2200rpm. Power and torque numbers are just similar to the Thar DI in India.

The Roxor is available as an off-road vehicle in the USA, able to touch a top speed of 72kmph. The company mentions the Roxor taking a fuel efficiency number of 13-14kmpl and provides a towing capacity mentioning 1583kg (3490 lbs). Going forward, the base variant is available weighting 1376kg.