Maruti Vitara Brezza: Some Unknown Facts

With the onset of Delhi Auto Expo 2016, one of the most popular cars Maruti Vitara Brezza has made its Indian debut and it looks promising. It is being anticipated as the next big thing by the automobile industry. Moreover, the audience is also really excited since Maruti is the favourite brand in India. Though, the car is special in its own way in terms of its design, features and specs, there are still a lot of other things that make it stand out from the rest of the products in the company's lineup.

Maruti Vitara Brezza

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Vitara Brezza makes Debut at Auto Expo

Let's take a look at these things that certainly prove how special this car is for the brand as well as for the Indian automobile industry:

  • The idea of coming up with this vehicle was conceived when around three years ago, Suzuki threw a challenge to Its Indian subsidiary to develop a compact utility vehicle on its own. Later, Maruti came up with two options- a crossover and a compact SUV. Apparently, the latter was taken up to be executed.
  • Usually, all the cars by Maruti Suzuki are developed through a joint effort of Maruti in India and Suzuki in Japan. But, this compact SUV is the first model from the company, which has gone through different stages of its life cycle namely conceptualisation, designing, development and even validation solely in India.
  • This R&D (Research and Development) Team involved in designing the Vitara Brezza was led by an Indian engineer Mr CVRaman, who is a graduate from Delhi College of Engineering. According to a statement given by him to Economic Times, “Historically, we have contributed to vehicle development process at Suzuki, but this is the first time that all decisions and judgements during the development of the product were taken in-house at Maruti.”
  • Though, this SUV is inspired from the Grand Vitara, which is already sold in the international market, it was a challenging task for the Indian team of engineers to take up something that was never even attempted without any technological assistance from Suzuki.
  • Most of the products from Maruti Suzuki are sold in both the home countries i.e. India and Japan, but this one was specifically developed for Indian customers. Hence, the whole task had to be performed under a unique process, in which focus was laid on the taste, values and preferences of Indian customers.

Source: Economic Times

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