Mercedes-Maybach S550 4Matic Roll-out with Minor Updates, Before 2017 Facelift S-class

The German luxury auto-major was being expected to pull the cover off from a 2017 facelifted S-Class, but before that, Mercedes has incorporated its flagship sedan Maybach S550 4Matic with the minor upgrades. The all-wheel drive in the top-end Maybach is the most remarkable update on the updated sedan.

German carmaker’s Maybach unit is renowned for producing ultra-luxury vehicles across the globe, and now boosting the performance of its S550 4Matic, Mercedes has added an option for the buyers who were looking for a car that features both, power and luxury at par. More interestingly, this variant of Maybach S550 4Matic is less expensive than its forerunner model. That is why it will sit under the existing Mercedes-Maybach S600.

Mercedes-Maybach S550 4Matic Side Profile

Instead of continuing with the existing 4.7-litre twin-turbo V8, the new Maybach S550 4Matic gets 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 configuration beneath the front-end. Despite getting heavy mechanicals, the car reaches 0-100 kmph in the same 5.0 seconds.
In terms of price, the new Mercedes Maybach S550 4Matic costs $166,200,instead of $191,300 from the old model. With this less expensive price tag, now the model can be a popular choice among the respective buyers. Other cars of the segment include recently launched Bentley Flying Spur which is available in only four- or twelve-cylinder with all wheel drive option, and costs over $200,000. On the other hand, the culmination of ultra-luxury Rolls Royce Ghost also available out there with the 12-cylinder and rear-wheels drive option, carrying an expensive price tag of nearly $300,000.

Mercedes-Maybach S550 4Matic Interior Profile

The number of Maybach versions is two out of the seven S-Class model offered by Mercedes in the US. The other five S-class models are the base S550, the S550e plug-in hybrid, S600 with its V12 engine, and the S63 and S65 AMG performance versions.

Mercedes-Maybach S550 4Matic Rear Profile

All the 2017 S-Class models will get the Mbrace2 Connect package as a standard equipment. There will also be a new option of the Magic Sky Control panoramic roof panel that can be called In-and-Out by just pushing a button. Of course, the noteworthy addition to the Maybach range is the arrival of the armoured S600 Pullman Guard.
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