New Hyundai Santa Fe Expected to launch by mid-2018

As per reports from the 2018 Detroit motor show, the all-new Hyundai Santa Fe is expected to see light at the mid of this year.

Riding on the back of a good sales cycle, in 2018 Hyundai sold 140 more Santa Fe than the previous year. The Automaker has high hopes for a smoother transition from existing to the new-generation Santa Fe. This would be a welcome respite to the disappointment caused by the roadblocks faced during that of the very aggressively priced i30 hatchback.

The Automaker also admitted that the new model will be costlier than the previous one. Hyundai Australia’s chief operating officer, Scott Grant, said, “It’s a good time for buyers to jump in. I suspect, that’s what happens when you get into the fifth year of the cycle. We are trying to keep our [market] share and keep it at the pointy end. With the new model, the price is not set but I don’t think it will be as sharp as the current one.”

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Current stock of the present Santa Fe is expected to be cleared by the middle of the year.
Scott Grant further added,“We are pushing that car out and it does well for us generally. We have very high levels of customer satisfaction with the vehicle so it’s still doing quite well”.

Based on the Kia Sorento platform, next generation of Hyundai Santa Fe will be larger than earlier ones. The car with its rugged appeal can now accommodate 8 passengers. The SUV maintains a 5+2 seating layout. The SUV will in all likeliness borrow some of the design and features of the newly launched Kona baby SUV.

Hyundai America’s CEO, Dave Zuchowski, says the Korean brand will introduce two new small SUVs between 2018 and 2020 while its current medium and large offerings will be revised to further diversify the line-up.