Okinawa Praise E-Scooter Is Ready To Launch On 19 December 2017

Okinawa Scooters is ready to launch its second e-scooter in a row, the Praise in New Delhi, India. The launch date is announced and the E-scooter is going to launch on 19 December. The praise is more like a maxi-scooter and specifically designed while keeping the young generation in mind. It is a premium ranged e-scooter revealing the sporty ambitions out and blends well when it comes to the styling and equipment setup. 

Trailing the Ridge scooter which had been launched by the company in January 2017, the Praise manufacturer is aiming to tag the scooter as ‘the most complete e-scooter ever built’.

The revealed teaser image showcases that the Praise definitely owns a sporty front end that accommodates a wide headlight unit emphasized by a removing LED DRL decorated into the apron. The apron expands to side directions and modulates horizontal slats as an additive styling factors at the top which eases a slim LED light addition.

Coming to the handlebar cowl, it attributes turn indicators with the adoption of bar-end weights. The Praise gets a telescopic fork same as the Ridge, but also comes handy with a disc brake, which is a very first time in Okinawa. The teaser also reveals a larger-sized front wheel comparing the Ridge which has 10-inch wheels but this information will get an assent by the time of launch.

Okinawa states about the new e-scooter that it will be India’s fastest e-scooter with a maximum speed capability of 60kph than the Ridge which reported a maximum speed of 55kph. As the company says that it will be the highest of any e-scooter in India which indicates it will go above the 100km per charge alleged a range of the Hero Electric Wave DX.

The Praise is embedded with an anti-theft sensor in the main stand, side-stand sensors, and Combi brakes as well. The Combi brakes is a famous attribute on traditional scooters where usage of the rear brake manages the front brake to a supportive degree.

Okinawa Praise will start the pre-booking from 24 November 2017 and we can expect the e-scooter to be priced at Rs. 49,000, provided that it proposes greater performance and equipment than the previously launched the Ridge which is put into the price tag of Rs 43,702 (ex-showroom, India).