Polaris India is making new vehicle to make entry in on-road vehicles

Off-road Auto maker Polaris India and Eicher Motors has joined together and making efforts to present a transport vehicle. Both companies are working on the new solutions for presenting personalized transport vehicle that will have the on-road capability also. Now the company has plans to modify its all-terrain vehicles with on-road ability. Polaris India manufactures commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles etc. and it also engineer's vehicles for military purpose.

As the company is famous for manufacturing ATVs and now it has decided to go with high quality on-road vehicles to solve the personal purpose. Polaris India country head and MD, Pankaj Dubey said that company would bring more vehicles in next 3 to 4 years and it is also expecting to transmute its existing vehicles into on-road vehicles.

For doing this, company will make changes in its vehicles' body parts. It will change wheels of existing vehicle to make them road legal and add indicators also. The joint venture is developing a vehicle that will exploit the potency of both auto majors. Eicher Motors has plans to taking the benefits of personal vehicles with four wheel space. It perfectly shows that both companies will be soon bringing a new vehicle to meet with personal use. The developing vehicle could compete with Bajaj U car which was introduced in Auto Expo 2014 earlier.