Renault Kwid Is Ready To Adapt With Three New Variants

The existing Kwid model is available at a reasonable price which has increased the selling of the car in India. The company’s decision to extend the SUV-like hatchback Kwid with adding three variants is quite a favorable idea considering the current scenario. The Renault is very serious about the company’s position in the Indian market and the decision to launch the new products represents its quick and active direction to grow in the Indian market.

The company is very co-centric when it comes to Global Access Range. Its strategy to cover the market is very clear and known as it always comes out with cost-effective cars in the highly-localized countries. The successful sale performance of Kwid in India indicates the quality and affordable price range offered by Renault. The Renault Kwid is featured with SUV-like styling and features, gorgeous looking interior, and fuel-efficient drivetrain.

With the success of 10 million products selling in last 13 years and 1.25 million units selling in the year of 2016 only, the company has decided to touch selling graph to 2 million cars annually by the end of 2022.

The company officials have confirmed that Kwid family is going to expand from one to four and the first place to be availed these new models will be India and after that, all the products will be introduced in other countries. An electric variant of the company will also be launched in China and the other models will include a new sub-4 metre SUV and a sub-4 metre Sedan, according to the speculation.

Renault Kwid’s expansion is a new global marketing strategy by the company with the expectation to enhance the company’s sale in coming few years.