Renault Displayed Eolab Concept at 2016 Delhi Auto Expo

The heat is growing at the India Expo Mart with the launch and showcase of the renowned brands in the world. The French automaker, Renault expands up this heat by showcasing its Eolab concept car that delivers the claimed mileage of unconventional mileage of 100kmpl, at the ongoing Delhi Auto Expo.

Mr. Patrick Lecharpy, Director of the Design Synergies of the Renault was present there and revealed some sort of 100 bricks of innovation which used in the Eolab concept, 20 out of 100 has been used earlier in the Renault present models, approx sixty will take 8 to 10 years to implant in the Eolab and Remaining figure of 20 bricks of innovation is not that sure to implement on the concept. So, according to Mr. Patrick Lecharpy this Eolab concept car could run on the tarmacs by the year 2022.

The aerodynamically designed car encompasses the lighter material and compact engine to reduce the overall weight by 30 percent to make it the faster one. To get this reduction in the car weight Eolab concept uses the magnesium roof, carbon floor and compact engine. The other noteworthy features are flaps pair at the rear portion which open up as the speed goes up to 70kmph, gear uses electrical power and engine churns power from the gas while the driver uses higher gear to accelerate faster.

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