SIAM Opposes Diesel Vehicle Ban in New Delhi

The Society of Indian Automobile Industry (SIAM), a body of automotive industry, has recently expressed its disagreement towards the Supreme Court's order of diesel vehicle ban in New Delhi. As per SIAM, this rule would affect the investment by automakers in the country. Moreover, it also gives an idea as to how unpredictable and unstable the policy regime is.

Well, due to a surge in pollution levels, the diesel vehicles having more than 2,000 cc engines were banned from registration in mid-December to March 31, which was extended until the next hearing takes place. This has affected a lot of automakers like Mahindra, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, etc. On one hand, Mahindra has introduced a re-sized version of its existing powertrains to tackle this situation. Whereas luxury makers like Mercedes are still making efforts at putting their point forward in the court.

SIAM recently stated that, “It also gives an impression that there is no stability or predictability in the policy regime, which will deeply dent the country's global image as an investment destination.” Besides, they also mentioned that many automobiles have temporarily halted their investment plans until the matter is sorted out.

The authorities are concerned about the rising pollution and its consequences, but companies are claiming that their vehicles strictly abide by the emission norms and hence are not a threat to the environment. Well, that sounds logical, but the stakes are too high. The pollution level has already crossed the alarming stage and now there isn't any other choice than to come up with some really effective solutions like diesel ban and odd-even policy. Let's hope everything goes well for Delhi.

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