Sixth Generation Chevrolet Camaro Spied Testing

The super cars have always been in the fantasies of the people ever since their dawn in the market. Nowadays, there are many street legal super cars available in the world which can actually leave a jet behind on the runway. The most famous among the many super cars are Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, Chevrolet Camaro and much more. Now, among these cars, Chevrolet is planning to bring the sixth generation of its Camaro super car, no need though. The car has been spotted many a times on the roads and on the famous Nurburgring race track as well in the Germany.

The newly spotted Chevrolet Camaro hasn't gone any radical changes, but a few subtle ones only and the ramification could be seen on the roof, which is now of soft fabric being this a convertible car. The other parts of exterior are similar to the existing model that and the base architecture is too very same Alpha coupe which is being used on the current Camaros. However, the engine seems to get some changes as this car will be available in 2 variants.

This 6th generation Camaro will be available in the range topping 6.2 Litre V8 petrol engine and also a 2.0 Litre Turbocharged 4 cylinder petrol engine that is powering the Cadillac CTS and ATS models for now. There are no confirmations on the debut or the launch date of this car, but as soon as we come to know about that, we'll inform you. So, stay tuned with us for the latest news about cars from all over the world.