Skoda India Opens Free Check-up Camp, Starting From 16th May

Renowned Czech car manufacturer, Skoda, will be setting up a free vehicle check-up Camp, also known as ‘Pre-Monsoon Campaign’ ( excluding Tamil Nadu). The check-up camp will be starting from 16th May and continues until 15th June 2016. It will be carried out at the automakers authorized dealerships across India. The check up will be done on 40-point, covering all parameters thoroughly.

According to the statement released by the company, “In line with Skoda Auto’s commitment towards its customers, the ‘Pre-Monsoon Campaign’ offers an enhanced customer experience. The campaign will offer a 40 point free check-up where the cars will undergo exclusive rain care related checks apart from cleaning of the plenum chamber, pollen filter, inspecting the tire pressure and wheel alignment, brake pads, wiper functions, lights and much more. The car will be examined thoroughly and made ready for a safe and hassle free drive in monsoons.”

The company has set up the camp just before the monsoon so as to prepare the cars for the coming monsoons. The check up will make sure the working of major components are are needful during the monsoons such as wipers, brake pads, braking system, etc. It is a great opportunity for the Skoda consumers to get their cars checked.

The main reason behind the exception of Tamil Nadu from the check up campaign is the fact that the automaker has already organized camps in the flood hit region previously. But, they could have re-checked the vehicles after the flood because most cars have been affected due to flood.

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