Skoda Raises Prices From New Year 2018

Skoda India, a Czech manufacturer announced the price hike from the new year 2018 and it is the first automaker who did this among others. This is the time, every year automakers raise their prices for an upcoming year.

Skoda will surge the prices in a limit of 2-3% which will come into effect from 1 January 2018 and exercisable in its all range cars. The listing includes freshly launched Kodiaq, a flagship product of the company and only SUV tagged automobile of Skoda in the Indian market. Skoda clarified in a release that rate enhancement is due to the revising market situations and other outside influence regarding economical reasons.

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Price Of Different Skoda Lineups:

New Developments In Skoda Lineup

  • Skoda fetched back the renowned and well-finished Laurin & Klement (L&K) model of the Octavia after a lengthy scarcity this month. It was available with the first model of that generation and accompanying with Laura and Octavia. Recently, Skoda is launching it with a third-generation model of Avatar.
  • Skoda India revealed the Kodiaq SUV in India in October 2017
  • The substitution of discontinued Yeti's, the Skoda Karoq will probably reach the market by next year. The model was caught the first time in October 2017 in the country.
  • Skoda pronounced the much-awaited revised Octavia RS in India this September. The go-fast variant of the Octavia was not applicable after Laura stop sale in the market.