Decide Between Tata Nexon and Hyundai Creta

The Tata Nexon and Hyundai Creta are not clear rivals if we clearly look at size, features, and even the drivetrain, but when it comes to buying you will certainly think to buy between the two in an approximately same price range.

The Tata Nexon diesel is priced at Rs. 9.62 lakh whereas the Creta petrol is priced at Rs. 9.29 lakh (ex-showroom, India). So, here is a post explaining everything in detail.


The Hyundai Creta petrol variant is priced at Rs. 9.29 lakh and diesel variant at Rs. 9.99 lakh. The base E variant of the Creta has priced at Rs. 8.57 lakh (petrol) and the Nexon XZ+ variant is priced at Rs. 9.42 lakh (diesel). So to level up the price, you can pick Creta petrol E+ variant and Creta diesel S variant to compare with.

Deciding Factors:

As described, both the SUVs have different specifications when it comes to comparison. The Creta is bigger in size but does not have as many features as the Nexon. If, still there is confusion, have a look at conditions to buy or not to buy the SUVs and variants.

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Tata Nexon Cars

Why Choose Creta E+ Petrol Variant:

  • The SUV is more spacious and bigger which makes 3 people to seat at the rear comfortably and further bigger boot space is useful for carrying extra luggage space.
  • It is powered by a 1.6-litre petrol engine which offers a more recreative drive than the Nexon Petrol
  • It will reduce in price as it sells in more numbers
  • Hyundai's broaden service network will create a more easy ownership experience

Reasons Not To Choose Creta E+ Petrol:

  • It is costlier by Rs 1.22 lakh than the Nexon XZ+ petrol dual tone
  • Important features such as height adjustable driver’s seat (E+), keyless entry, rear parking sensors with camera, and automatic climate control are not available when comparing with the Nexon XZ+.
  • The Nexon is recently launched while the Creta is launched in 2015 and expect a facelift soon

Why Choose Creta S Diesel Variant:

  • It utilizes wider service network of Hyundai
  • Creta S diesel is bigger and more spacious
  • Rate of depreciation is lower

Reasons Not To Choose Creta S Diesel:

  • It is priced Rs 1.76 lakh high over the Nexon XZ+ diesel dual tone
  • The less powerful diesel engine of 1.4-litre as compared to 1.5-litre diesel engine in Nexon
  • Facelift is about to reveal
  • It has Height adjustable driver seat but away from the features such as keyless entry, automatic climate control, and rear parking sensors with camera than the Nexon XZ+

Hyundai Creta Cars

Why Choose Nexon XZ+ Petrol Variant

  • Fully equipped with LED tail lamps, 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto, 16-inch machine cut alloys, rear parking sensors with camera, fully kitted with projector headlamps and DRLs
  • Compact dimensions favoring easy riding
  • Dual-tone paint job and Radical styling are attractive for many buyers

Reasons Not To Choose Nexon XZ+ Petrol:

  • It carries less powerful engine
  • Interior fit and finish are not as per the mark

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Why Choose Nexon XZ+ Diesel Variant:

  • It comes with loaded features
  • Compact dimensions of the car make it easy to ride in the city area
  • It has a torquier and powerful engine

Reasons Not To Choose Nexon XZ+ Diesel:

  • The interior fit and finish of the car are not as per the mark