Teaser of Mercedes Benz Revealing 2018 CLS

As we already know that new Mercedes Benz is ready to showcase CLS in upcoming cars segment, and recently, the company teased the images of Mercedes-Benz revealing from exterior to interior setup.

The front image of the car exhibits the new face of the family. Albeit, the leaked images demonstrate a transformed look of the car, the low roofline and coupe-ish lining of the bodywork are restored in connection to modern appearance.

The CLS of the car is possibly going to utilize an identical MRA platform corroborating the C-, E-, and S-Class, with the same powertrains borrowed from stable companions.  

Another image which is part of teaser images shows the central infotainment screen and neighboring air vents, which is one more time repetition to a red theme in connection to LED interior lighting and air vent equipped systematically inside of the car.

Mercedes-Benz has adorned with the new name “CLS Coupe”, affirming rumors that the advanced generation car will sustain its old nameplate instead of shifting to couple with the concerned E-Class family. The new CLS Coupe is expected to release on 27th November.