Tesla Model Y Compact SUV Teaser Image Out Again

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla shared teaser images of the much awaited compact SUV during the annual shareholders meeting. The Model Y is an all-electric SUV which was first declared in June 2017 and the company recently agreed that the production of the model has been confirmed to start in 2020 with the Tesla Semi Truck and the second-gen Roadster.

The Model Y is just similar to the Model 3 Sedan available in India and also expected to be available in India after the launch. There is no information out about the Model Y yet, however, Musk mentioned earlier that this model will take the all-new platform and it is revealed by himself now that it will use Model 3’s platform though.

As revealed in teaser images, some design style of the Model Y is taken from the siblings including smooth profile and flat face. Although, it will not be seen in steeply diving roofline like the Model X SUV. Rather it will be more conventional styling like the SUV profile. To maintain the cost in check, it is likely to get the Model Y conventional rear doors rather than the ‘Falcon’ gullwing doors as seen in the larger SUV.

Elon also mentioned regarding the Tesla’s new compact model which will be seated below the existing entry-level model, the Model 3. In upcoming five years, the company will reach the market. We expect these cars to launch in India as well.