Toyota's Ultimate Utility Vehicle Displayed at SEMA 2015

Teased for the first time in the month of June this year, Toyota has finally revealed its 'Ultimate Utility Vehicle' (UUV) at the SEMA show, 2015 in Las Vegas. The automaker has termed it as UUV and it indeed looks like one. At first sight, it gives a hint of hummer from the front end, while its side profile will make you think of Sienna. This model is a blend of an SUV and a mini van utilising the body of Sienna along with the Tacoma's chassis. As a result, the vehicle is roomy from inside and tough from outside.

Check out the video coverage of this UUV at SEMA 2015 below:

It is a perfect off-roader that has been designed to be driven around easily in extreme driving conditions. On the outside, it gets an LED bar on the top, a restyled bison bumper and an integrated winch. The matte black exterior paint is the major highlighted factor that imparts an unconventional and stylish appeal to the car. You may also find it somewhat like a giant and heavy built battle tank used in wars.

Toyota UUV

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Just like the Sienna model, this one also offers a spacious cabin that is fitted with a wide range of modern and hi-tech equipments. Some of these include- TracVision mobile satellite television receiver, internet access, Wi-Fi facility,2500-watt JBL audio system, 60-inch Sony LED TV, 17-inch monitor, multiple USB ports and a Flir M-324 night vision camera accompanied by HD recording, etc.

UUV at the SEMA Show 2015

Riding on 22X12-inch Monster Energy 539B wheels, the vehicle gets a 4-link long travel suspension thereby raising the ride height to 4 inches. Further, the 33X22 Nitto Mud Grapler tires and 15.75 inches wheel travel add on to the wow factors offered with this offering. This showcase is a part of Toyota's Ever Better Expedition that kicked off in June and now after SEMA, the UUV will carry on its adventurous trip to Canada and Alaska.

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