Ricoh Upgraded Theta Spherical Camera to Stick Camera

Earlier before, many cameras were launched by various tech giants. The new leading giant, Ricoh has come up with the upgraded version of its recent launch. Theta Spherical camera was the invention came out of the bundle. With the time, few of the quality constraints were blamed to produce blur images, to withstand all the needs and satisfactory factor, the company has come up with the upgraded version sporting Stick Camera, namely Ricoh Theta S.

The invention was pricy and harder for a buyer to purchase within the budget. Besides, being pricy, the camera also lacks the quality resolution pixels of point-and-shoot digital 360-degree canvas shooter. To overcome this problem, the spherical model has been converted to the stick-shape camera for the wider view with an ease to hold. The pixel resolution is doubled to ensure more light, beautiful picturing, reduction of noise and less blurry image, with the camera sporting f2.0 lens. The upgraded sort will be launched in next month.

The Ricoh Theta S, spherical camera can shoot images of fine quality, along side streaming videos up to 25 minutes tenure. The shooter edge is sported with 14MP camera with video captured in full HD (1,920*1,080 at 30 fps). The device also provides a feature to share the spherical sorts, not only to the official page, but also on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and across Google Maps and YouTube's own 360-degree channel. The company has overlapped the technology with the creation of its new app to enhance Theta S. App's much-needed remote-viewing mode provides the ability to operate the smartphone manually to control and adjust the camera, that extends to ISO, white balance and shutter speed.

The shooter, not only provides a better internal support, but also provide a grippy gape on the outer face. The outer is sported with a rubber grip to avoid slippery surface and to help selfie shooters to tale the epic snaps. It is also sanctified with a Wi-Fi module to share the images and videos to the other side. The device is expected in US, Europe and Asia in late October, priced at $349.