A New Nvidia Shield Tablet with Tegra X1 Processor in Rumour

The leader in chip manufacturing market Nvidia seem all set to launch own tablet that will be powered by company’s own recently announced Tegra X1 processor. The company has developed this SoC for mobile applications specially. So, it can easily be measured that most of smartphones and tablets will use this for speedy performance.

Nvidia will be bringing its new Shield Tablet which will use this new SoC in it. This will be scheduled to announce on March 17. However, not a single specification of this device is available to discuss right now. The only feature which we know about is the Tegra X1 processor.

It is expected that Nvidia will maintain the size in this new Shield and will pack it in an 8-inch built. On the other side, the Nvidia Shield with Tegra K1 processor has been updated with Android Lollipop. So, there is speculation that it will support the same OS.

The Tegra X1 was lunched at CES in Las Vegas. It is claimed by the maker as world’s first Teraflops mobile processor with 256 GPU cores and 64-bit 8 CPU cores. All theses make this SoC the superchip in terms. Comprising all these features of Tegra X1 in new Shield tablet, this will become one of the efficacious and powerful devices.