Sony Brings Smart B-Trainer Headphone to help during Workout

This CES brought several new invention and what has attracted people most is Internet of Things. It seems like the whole show is circumgyrating around the IoT things. Well, the Headphone devices are kept untouched from them. However, the workout realm has succeeded in being a part of this audio world. Well, here we are talking about Sony’s smart headphones which will not only entertain through music while you run on a jogging track or treadmill, but also will offer music to listen.

The tech giant’s has demoed the prototype of Smart B-Trainer headset at ongoing CES event. This audio device will provide a new level to your daily workout by adding technology in it. This will reduce the use of fitness band or smartphone for heath assistance and make you worry free, providing a coach to train you. The device looks like an ordinary Bluetooth headset with two headphones joined by a loop, but in background it is a smart device which trains you, and suggests the best for you while you are doing workout.

Sony Smart B-Trainer Headphone

It’s a beautiful combination of jogging and music. The heart rate monitor and a GPS locator are also inside this smart B-trainer headphone that tracks your heart rate and location, and then manages your performance. Along with them, you can also enjoy the music tracks. "Not only does it keep your running log, it also selects a tempo that guides and supports you through your preselected training menu to achieve the goals that you set such as fat burning or improving endurance," said Mike Fasulo, President of Sony Electronics.

No need to carry your smartphone while go for jogging. Voice commands guide you according to your heart rate.  It can also manage the volume of music track measuring your heart rate threshold. Below is a video elaborating Smart B-Trainer headphone’s features.