Toshiba unveils Convertible Laptop buffed with 4K Resolution

The leading laptop maker, Toshiba has a huge impact on the ground of laptop to furnish the bars with high specs and new technology. With the latest trend, the company has decided to accept the norms and situations rolling around. The newest technology of providing a huge screen size with high pixel resolution is benchmarking the gapes.

The 4K resolution laptop is the newest form of laptops to be provided in the market. Toshiba being the manufacturer and supporter of Intel, has come up with the latest 4K laptop screen resolution to outcast high screen pixels for better quality. The limits are not constrained here, as the company has launched the device with a convertible support to feature a 12.5-inch 4K resolution display.

IFA 2015 brings in various 4K devices, but this is Convertible laptop with 4K support. The panel features the Satellite Radius 12, that has Intel's latest sixth-generation Core processor to power it. It is 0.6 inch thick and weighs 2.9 pounds which is considered to be goal reaching phenomenon for slim screens. The prosumer-grade, professional-caliber device has a thin metal finish surface possessing light frame.

The most important feature has Technicolor-endorsed color-calibration that ensures quality snapping with family portraits to portray the real life color. Further expanding, the modes can be switched while working from a laptop to a convertible screen front and one can also switch from 4K display to 1080p display. It supports Intel's newest Core i7 processors with 8GB of RAM and at least 256GB of storage.

The specifications are not limited when you talk about the laptops, similarly, the company has garnished the set with USB 3.1 and 3.0 support, having Harman Kardon speakers to sound the room. Along side, it is integrated with Intel HD 5200 graphics with an infrared camera combination that allows you to log in with facial recognition feature. The company has claimed to portray the newly shaped device range by the end of 2015.