Batman Power Showcased In The Final Trailer Of Batman v Superman

One of the highly anticipated movie of the year 2016, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has finally come to a close with the release of the official final trailer for the movie, and this one focuses more on the Batman v Superman part. The film is all set to release in the next month (in India on 25th March) and has generated a lot of hype and curiosity with its previous trailer, among the audiences.

The final trailer starts with a magnificent scene where Batman takes down a bunch of armed enemies. The flow of the scene is utterly brutal and speaks to Director Zack Snyder's skill at portraying action sequences. The action actually brought to mind the controlled chaos that defines fights in the Batman Arkham series of video games, and if you're familiar with them, then you'll know that's high praise. Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor gets to monologue about the battle between Gods and Man, although the last trailer kind of gives away how successful that really is. And then we get an all too brief peek at what looks like an exciting fight between Superman and Batman.

Watch the final trailer of the Movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, below:

The trailer is very attractive when put together, and definitely the best trailer for this film so far. But as we noted about an earlier trailer, this doesn't look like a movie in which anyone (apart from the villain) even smiles. If you want to see a superhero film that looks like fun, you don't even have to turn to Marvel's movies - the Suicide Squad trailer looks fantastic, and we can't wait to watch this movie. Of course, the same criticism could be levelled at The Dark Knight as well when it will come down to how well the film is executed, and this trailer certainly has excited us to see Batman beating up the bad guys with style.