Good bye to WEED FIRM on Apple

  • 24th, May 2014 12:25 PM
  • SAGMart Team
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"WEED FIRM", a highly rated app on Apple iTunes app store is no longer available for iPhone or iPad users. This game was released on May 5 and hit the top list on App store. Apple removed this game from the App store on Wednesday, as Apple claims that the app is promoting illegal activities.

This game is one of the top rated free games available on iTunes App store and it has gained much popularity in few days only. The game received 1,000+ positive reviews before it got removed from the App store.

In "WEED FIRM", the player was in the role of a drug dealer for growing and dealing weed. The player needs to acquire a marijuana operation, or they can grow different strains of cannabis also. The clients used to come to you to buy weed and widen up your business.

To win in this game, the player had to plant new range of weeds, enlarge your yields, increase the number of clients, bribe and encounter the police to become the biggest weed dealer in town.

The owner of the "WEED FIRM", Manitobe Games said, "This was entirely Apple's decision, not ours."

The company officials added that, "The Apple version might need to be censored a bit to comply with Apple's strictest requirement since they are going to be looking very attentively at what we submit from now on."

The developer also promises that they will bring it back on the App store, once they will find a suitable publisher for it. In assurance to bring this game back, Manitobe Games said, "We do not want kids playing Weed Firm, but we firmly believe that adults should have a choice to do whatever the hell they want as long as they are not hurting anybody in the process."